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I’m a certificated Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks and Face Yoga teacher, holding a bachelor’s degree in Aerial Silks (Centre National des Arts du Cirque, France) and Fine Arts (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Slovenia).

Movement and art are my passions since my early childhood. At the age of 6, I started practicing Yoga and have continued the practice till nowadays. A few years later I have started to play concerts and gain medals in piano competitions. At the age of 14, I discovered climbing and became passionate about “vertical -aerial” movement. Eight years later I have combined the two into the art of yoga and aerial movement.

In the year 2003, I have started teaching Hatha Yoga, a few years later Aerial Silks followed by Micromovement Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Face Yoga, Aerial Workout programs, and Yoga Teacher Training courses.

During the twenty years of pedagogical experience, I have helped many students worldwide to reduce their health problems, pain, and stiffness and develop a better understanding of the functioning of their bodies as well as the ability to understand their »body languages«.

Face Yoga & Micromovement Yoga programs that I am sharing with you helped me during a very hard period of my life. I went through complete burnout and hormonal disbalance, resulting in the complete crash of my health.

That was the turning point when I decided to deepen my knowledge of Yoga to accomplish my healing. A few years of devoted, disciplined, and well-structured practice and research resulted in good health, top hormonal balance, a clear mind, lots of energy, with a shining and youthful look.

That period of my life taught me that we have a very strong power within us. By the use of appropriate techniques, we can direct that power towards the realization of our potentials, our goals.

My mission is to help individuals discover and develop their potentials, by the use of different methods and techniques, based on Yoga and Martial Arts. These programs are designed to reconnect and return to our natural state of balance, to the state of »listening to ourselves«. That state is the turning point towards the rediscovery of our true power!

Therefore, I wish to share the exercises that helped me most with all of you. So that we can enjoy and explore our true potentials and live a better life!


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