“SOL” Contemporary circus performance

Aerial Circus

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Contemporary circus performace – »SOL«


  • Dana Auguštin, choreography on aerial silks; music;
  • Elisa Tessarotto, choreography on trapeze; aerial silks.

Sol in a space under the Sun – more precisely it is an aerial circus where two acrobats practice for their show “Sol”.

Rigging, climbing on the self-standing structure, attaching and detaching the materials…all these elements form part of the creation which is necessary for a good performance. In this show all these technical parts, usually hidden from the eye of the spectator, form part of the story about the process of creation of a contemporary circus performance.

What are all of the things hidden behind the acrobatic tricks?

The show combines movements on the aerial silks, self-standing structure, trapeze and on the ground. Duration is cca 25min, and it is suitable for all ages.

Technical requirements

Self standing structure:

Access for the van to unload the material. Stable, flat surface, 8m x 16m and 6,20m of height, for installation of self standing structure to facilitate aerial choreography; time necessary for construction and  deconstruction is 90 mins in total; we need no assistance.

In cases where organisers offer rigging infrastructure, we need three attachment points, distributed in the range of 2,5m, dynamically resistant to forces with a minimum level of 150 kg, placed at a minimum height of 6 m.


2 monitors, clip on microphone, mixing table, usb player and speakers suitable for the space of performance.

Light (in case of night performance):

We are providing all light equipment.

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