“MIR OR” Contemporary circus&dance performance

New Aerial Circus group performance

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Concept and performance


  • Dana Auguštin, choreography on aerial elastic hammock, silks and on the ground; music;
  • Kaja Lin Avguštin, choreography on the ground.

Mir Or is a reflection of the golden calmness that resides within all of us.

In the silence of the day, a shadow arose from the depths. She sat besides me, spoke a language without words, but movements. Touching every part of my soul she opened many worlds within me, from the deep darkness to shining peaks.

Infinite are our potentials…what are we all capable of?

The performance combines acrobatic dance on aerial elastic hammock and  silks with dance on the ground into poetic story where the movement on the ground interferes with the one in the air. It is suitable for all ages. Duration is cca 25min.

Technical requirements

Stable, flat surface, 7 m x 16 m, for installation of self-standing structure to facilitate aerial choreography; time necessary for construction and deconstruction is 90 mins in total; we need no assistance.

In cases where organisers offer rigging infrastructure, we need two attachment points, spaced 1.50 metres from each other, dynamically resistant to forces with a minimum level of 150 kg, placed at a minimum height of 6 m.

Sound: 2 monitors, mixing table, usb player and speakers suitable for the space of performance.

Light: Video projector. We send the light scheme in additional file.

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