Shows & performances

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SOL, a contemporary circus performance, that innovatively and experimentally melds ground and aerial movement with recorded and live music. From handstands to rigging, trapeze to aerial silks and aerial ladders in between…this performance is suitable for all generations and is 25min long.

MIR OR, a contemporary circus and dance performance combining acrobatic dance on aerial elastic hammock and silks with dance on the ground into poetic story where the movement on the ground interferes with the one in the air. It is suitable for all ages and is 25min long.

SOLO aerial fabric performances of between four and fifteen minutes long using my own techniques and materials of aerial silk/fabric and aerial hammock that I call Cocoon; also on classical aerial silk and rope, with live, or recorded music.

DUO performances, in collaboration with different aerial artists, I offer duo aerial silk performances of between five and fifteen minutes with score and video projection.

Technical requirements
Stable, flat surface, 7 m x 16 m, for installation of selfstanding structure to facilitate aerial choreography; time necessary for construction and deconstruction is 90 mins in total; we need no assistance.
In cases where organisers offer rigging infrastructure, we need one or two attachment points, spaced at least 1.50 metres from each other, dynamically resistant to forces with a minumum level of 150 kg, placed at a minimum height of 6 m.

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