Yoga & Face Yoga programs

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Shifting attention to your inner rhythm, to every breath you take, to the striving to become aware of your every gesture, and the quest for deep relaxation in every posture you make, yoga is an ancient discipline that positively impacts on every aspect of our lives if we let it. My approach to teaching yoga is based on my 30-year’s experience with it.

You will:

  • become aware of and deepen you breathing;
  • get in touch with and slowly learn to feel and read your body;
  • recognise and calm your own inner rhythm;
  • learn basic and, gradually, more advanced yoga postures;
  • learn to synchronise your breathing with your movement;
  • increase your flexibility and strength; and
  • relax and fill your inner battery!

Starting with the breathing and eye exercise, you will gradually be guided towards a calmer place, using pranayama breathing techniques and asana yoga postures. You will develop through practising different variations of the Sun salutation, and a wide range of basic asanas and their variations, until you gradually progress to the more advanced.

Each asana helps you to explore your own body position, to pay attention to details that can help you better release and relax in each posture, and deeply impacts on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

Face Yoga  

Face yoga is program composed of various exercises with the focus on the face, scull and neck areas, in addition with some movements beneficial for the spine resulting in :

  • Toning of muscles and decreasing of wrinkled areas
  • Better facial circulation and blood flow
  • Positive impact on the endocrine system and organs

Generally, in yoga practice (as well as other workouts) we tend to activate muscles of various body parts but we rarely pay  attention on the muscles of our faces, where we have 57 muscles, 58th being the tongue. Muscles that are not activated, with time, tend to lose their volume. When getting weaker and looser, they are not tightly connected to the bones any more, but start to lose their initial position, which also affects the skin that becomes looser and starts to wrinkle  in the areas where muscles overlap. Activating facial as well as scull muscles   helps tighten muscles, increases blood flow, and brings more oxygen to the skin. Impulses of this activation are proven to  affect pineal and pituitary glands situated in our brain, as well as and the hypothalamus.

Other exercises that activate the neck area activate thyroid and parathyroid glands. As every part of the face is also connected to a different organ, by activating that specific area of our face, we are also making an impact to our organs as well as glands linked to those organs. Thus, with the face yoga practice we are not only toning our muscles and  reducing the wrinkles, but also  influencing our endocrine system.  T This way we are helping to maintain our  body’s homeostasis.  All exercises are performed  with the focus on deep breathing  and this helps that more toxins are freed from our body.

Our yoga courses are open to all, from absolute beginner to those with experience.

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