Flexibility, Balance & Strength program

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You’ll be introduced to a range of techniques derived from yoga, dance, circus, climbing and the slack line.

The main aims of this program are for participants to:

  • slowly get in touch with their bodies;
  • be aware of the different ways in which they move and to combine these movements into short sequences;
  • increase strength and flexibility;
  • develop body balance;
  • develop concentration and focus;
  • synchronize breathing and movement; and
  • relax and have fun!

This program is composed of a wide range of warm up exercises, focusing on all parts of the body, and is structured to emphasize the different ways in which we move, and to combine and coordinate these movements. We’ll playfully work on balance, in the upright body position as well as on all fours, and inverse body positions, where weight is held by the lower arms and hands. There’s a lot of turning and twisting to increase flexibility and develop coordination, as well as a whole range of rolling (self-massage) sequences. Some exercises are more static, others dynamic; this combination of inner and outer focus demands that some exercises be facilitated with eyes closed, others with special eye focus, necessitating work on the eye muscles.

This practice will introduce you to a different approach to exercise and stretching, one where play, precision and focus take us deep into the experience of movement. Our bodies are a treasure, so let’s give them a chance to flourish and truly empower us.

The Flexibility, Balance & Strength Program is open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

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