Little Circus

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Little Circus program is dedicated to children from 4 up till 12 years old and is offerring an innovative and different approach to movement. Based on circus disciplines, it works on the connection between imagination and ways of moving through the space.Through different games and exercises children will:

  • learn the basics of different inverse balancing body positions, such as headstand, handstand, cartwheels and their numerous variations,
  • learn the basics of aerial techniques that include various ways of climbing and descending, basic figures and postures, twists and falls,
  • improve their strength and flexibility,
  • develop a good and balanced posture,
  • have fun and discover new ways of moving.

Once the basics are achieved there is an option to join the advanced course in which more complex figures are presented (on the ground as well as in the air), their variations and passages from one to another, as well as ways of interpretation and creation of short choreographies (sequencing).
Number of participants is limited.





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