Children’s Movement program

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Children’s Circus program is composed of »Circus garden« or preeschool children education program that is dedicated to children from 3 to 6 years old and »Little Circus« dedicated to children up to 13 years old. Older children are already mature enough to join the adult program (Aerial movement program or Gorund movement program).

Experience of movement is crutial to a good developement of every child. Sooner the child is confornted with different ways of moving its body and a variety of ways that it can play and explore its own body capacities, better coordination, posture and balance will be developed. As it is described in Sherborne Developmental Method by Marta Wieczorek »all children have two basic needs; they need to feel at home in their own bodies, and they need to be able to form relationships…. developing the awareness of one’s own body and space, motor improvement, sharing space with other individuals and establishing close contact with relations through movement and touch. “
As also Rudolf von Laban, a dance artist and theorist, the author of creative gymnastics stated “the limitation of movement on a permanent basis leads to increased internal tension, stress and inhibitions, and as a consequence is the cause of loss faith in one’s own possibilities, withdrawal, avoidance of contacts with environment. “
In both programs dedicated to children the focus in on learning through playing with our own bodies and with exploring different ways of moving on the ground and in the air, as well as getting familiar with the circus accessories such as aerial fabrics, ropes, aerial hammocks, slack line.

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