Aerial Hammock program

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Aerial hammocks are ideal playgrounds for those who want:

  • to get to know aerial disciplines gradually (hammock height on the course is generally between one and two meters above ground level);
  • to take their feet off the ground and play with gravity;
  • to turn their bodies in all directions;
  • to develop strength and flexibility; and
  • to move, stretch and have fun.

You will develop an active awareness of basic positions, grips and figures, learn to balance in different body positions, explore various body and body part rotations, and experience a range of inverse body positions. And this will enable you to start exploring more complex combinations, including inversions, rotations, turns, twists and short drops. Slowly, you’ll be presented with ways to connect these into short choreographic sequences, to interpret and express.

Each class is composed of warm up and stretching exercises executed on aerial hammocks and on the ground, and workouts that better enable you to gain and slowly increase body strength and flexibility, better developing coordination and balance, thoroughly stretching the whole body.

Come and experience balancing and flying on aerial hammocks, and keep on hanging on.

The Hammock Acrobatics Program is open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

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