Aerial Yoga on Aerial Hammocks program

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Aerial Yoga combines traditional hatha yoga postures and aerial hammocks to:

  • increase flexibility, balance and coordination;
  • facilitate deep stretching;
  • improve posture;
  • develop body strength; and
  • calm minds and achieve deeper relaxation.

This program is composed of pranayama, yogic breathing exercises, eye exercises to improve sight and reduce tension, classic hatha yoga postures and their variations, and aerial hammock techniques, and better enables stretching, twisting and bending postures (static and dynamic), strength work outs, balancing positions (static and dynamic), inverse body positions (on the floor as well as on the aerial hammock), coordination, and relaxation.

You’ll learn different postures and sequences, and your awareness will be directed towards precise, small body movements to help you open up to deeper stretching, and achieve better posture. The aerial hammock is a great tool for increasing flexibility; it allows us to go deeper into postures and do postures that are, otherwise, too difficult for beginners and, often, intermediate students; simply hanging greatly helps us release tension and relax the parts of the body that are otherwise hard to calm.

The Aerial Yoga on Aerial Hammocks Program offers a wide range of exercises that deepen posture and, thus, our inner experience of each posture; this program is open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

You’re welcome to join and luxuriate in your body-mind connection.

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