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Yoga is central to my life and has been since childhood, and I’ve been teaching yoga since 2003, when I qualified as a Shivananda Yoga teacher, doing so until 2006 when I began my studies at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque.

After graduation from the Circus Academy, my research in the field of movement deepened and widened, and between 2008 and 2011, working with different choreographers and teachers on aerial techniques, experimenting with different materials for aerial silks and hammocks, climbing, hand balance and slack line, I further developed my awareness and understanding of teaching and learning.

Returning to teaching in 2011, I now lead and facilitate workshops at home and abroad, including France, Italy, Croatia and Serbia, on aerial silks and yoga, I am a qualified teacher of aerial silks, Unnata Aerial Yoga, hammock acrobatics, floor flexibility and balance.

Moving in different ways, discovering new patterns, and turning in all directions benefits the nervous system, developing strength and coordination. My approach to teaching and learning strives to better research, develop and practice movement.

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