Aerial Silks & Aerial Hammock workshop

The workshop consists of two parts:
1. Flexibility, balance & strength – FBS – focus is on ground exercises, many of them are executed with the aid of Aerial Hammocks and Silks
2. Aerial part – focuses on exercises and movements on Aerial Silks and Aerial Hammocks.

1. Flexibility, balance & strength – FBS – serves the objective to warm up whole body, flexibility and core strength coordination and balance development. Many of these exercises are executed with the aid of Aerial Hammocks and Silks. This specific workout focuses as well on various inverted positions, such as handstands, wheels, scorpion and its variations.

2. Aerial movement on silks and hammocks – offers practice in the air, introducing different figures, rotations, drops and choreographic wholes. The focus will be on technique, balance and dynamic movements. We will explore various elements, combining them into short choreographic phrases, the emphasis being on the posture and tempo.
How to position our bodies so that it can be in balance in various figures on the silks, using partial or no keys, paying attention on the way of entrance and exit into and from the figures.
Through different exercises and tasks we will be directed towards the awareness of every movement, searching for individual expression and qualities.
This part gives knowledge of aerial techniques to the participants. They also meet with security measures and ways of body preparation for this kind of movement. Described program offers the grounds for technique and personal aerial acrobatics style development.

2 days/ 6h – 80€
1 day/ 3h – 50€

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Sat 9.2.2019 : 14h – 17h
Sun 10.2.2019 : 10h – 13h