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In 2002 I discovered and started with the Aerial Silks and Aerial Hammocks trainings and integrated my yogic practice into aerial movement disciplines. In 2006 I passed the entrance exam at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque at Chalons en Champagne in France, where I graduated in 2008. Since then I am fully immersed in the research of movement in the air and on the ground, dedicated to the pedagogical work, as well as the creation of shows and performances.

Aerial Silks classes are going on in live and online formats. Live classes are held regularly in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

I am also giving workshops on request as well as private classes worldwide. Online classes are held as private lessons as well as for small groups, as my interest is to fully dedicate to each student.

Aerial Silks program

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Silks program’s main aims are for participants to enjoyably better develop:

- Aerial warming up & aerial strength conditioning techniques – how to warm up properly with the use of aerial silks and develop more strength

- Vertical, aerial fabric, movement skills

- Basic keys and figures that enable twists, rolls, and drops

- Variations of climbing techniques – ways of climbing composed of a combination of more elements/figures

- Free or no key drops – falls with little or no-wrap

- Sequencing – short choreographic units

- Strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance

- Direction turning and spatial orientation.

On the aerial silk, you’ll learn different ways to warm up your body and workouts to develop the strength for movement in the air. You will be presented with different climbing and descending techniques, as well as their connection to the basic figures they lead to and from, exploring them, connecting them to more advanced figures.

As your knowledge and skills deepen and widen, you’ll be aware of the short choreographic passages that lead from one figure to another. Gradually, you’ll be able to perform more complex figures, rotations, twists, and free drops (with no keys). Here, a whole new playground opens, leading slowly towards interpretation, development, choreography, and invention.

Movement is a never-ending story, and you’re more than welcome to become part of its telling and enjoyment, to keep on hanging on!

The Aerial Silk and Aerial Workout programs are open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

Aerial Silks program begins in October 2021. It takes place in the aerial studio in Ljubljana (Ob železici 14), on Tuesdays from 18:15 till 19:30.

Aerial Workout program

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Workout program is composed of:

· Thorough warming up by the use of aerial silks

· Exercises for developing strength, executed in different body positions (from standing to inversions) using aerial silks

· Learning the basic techniques, which we will explore in great detail in each session (ex. the techniques of climbing, basic keys, rolls)

· Aerial stretching where we will work on the flexibility of activated areas

Twenty years of practice in aerial disciplines (aerial silks, aerial hammocks, rope) revealed to me an endless range of movements that can be achieved by using silks, rope, and hammocks. The biggest benefit is the possibility of moving and turning in all directions and activating and stretching body parts that we usually do not activate in normal daily life.

Through the years of practice and pedagogical work, I see the necessity of good technique and solid basics that enable us to have safe progress with less chance of injuries. Therefore, the program is composed of a wide range of exercises that provide thorough warming up and development of strength necessary for the execution of various climbing techniques, keys, and rolls that precede more complex figures and drops. We will explore each technique in detail, looking at different variations activating that way the whole body. That approach provides a solid basis for more complex postures and drops that you can learn in the Aerial Silks program.

The Aerial Workout programs are open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

Aerial Workout program begins in October 2021. It takes place in the aerial studio in Ljubljana (Ob železnici 14), on Tuesdays from 17:30 till 18:15.


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