Dana is a certificated Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Face Yoga teacher, holding a bachelor in Aerial Silks and Fine Arts degrees. During the twenty years of pedagogical experience she has helped many students worldwide to reduce their health problems, pain and stifness and develope a better understanding of the functioning of their bodies as well as the ability to understand their »body languages«.

Her mission is to help individuals discover and develop their potentials, by the use of different methods and techniques, based on Yoga and Martial Arts. These programs are designed to reconnect and return to our natural state of balance, to the state of »listening to ourselves«. That state is the turning point towards the rediscovery of our true power!

1 day Face Yoga challenge

21 day Face Yoga challenge

Activate your hormone system and bring it back to balance with a 21 day Face Yoga challenge program.

Micromovement Yoga membership program

Micromovement Yoga will help you develop better flexibility, mobility, and strength and achieve a balanced posture. This technique leads to relief of the tensions, stiffnesses, and pain, which is essential as it leads to better circulation, energy flow, and optimization of health.

The membership consists of 30h of the program containing more than 300 exercises.

Micromovement Yoga
Micromovement Yoga

Micromovement Yoga Inversions program

Do you wish to learn, improve & master handstand, headstand, shoulderstand, wheel, crow, and scorpion pose?

This program offers you 80 exercises to strengthen and prepare your body for the safe and sure performance of two variations of headstand, static and dynamic variations of handstand, two variations of the scorpion, shoulderstand position, wheel position, crow, and two variations of Sun salutation.

The whole program consists of 16 sessions, altogether of 8h of a structured and well-guided program to which you will have unlimited access! A thorough explanation of each exercise will help you to progress in a safe way and achieve your goals!

Micromovement Light Yoga program

Overcharged, stressed, little or no free time, tensed, stiff, overweight, not fit, in pain ... if some of these attributes describe your situation this program could be of great help to reach a positive change in your lifestyle.

The Micromovement light yoga program is designed to slowly guide you through a wide range of different exercises and develop more strength, flexibility, mobility, and a balanced posture.

The whole program consists of 10 sessions, altogether 60 exercises, to which you will have unlimited access!

Micromovement Yoga


What is Micromovement Yoga?

In the micromovement yoga program, you will learn the main asanas and their variations, synchronizing your breathing with your movement. You will also learn completely new postures and moves that will lead you to the better performance of all the classical asanas. This approach will help you develop better flexibility, mobility, and strength and achieve a balanced posture.

As my customers often say, Micromovement Yoga will activate all the muscles of your body – those you were never aware of. Therefore you will achieve a better awareness of your body and mind, better control of your movements, and coordination.

This micromovement technique will lead to relief of the tensions, stiffnesses, and pain, which is essential as it leads to better circulation, energy flow, and optimization of health. Consequently, you will feel better, have more energy, clear thoughts, and more power.

Our goal is to discover the potentials we have, explore them, develop and enjoy!

This program is open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga combines traditional hatha yoga postures, micromovement yoga, and aerial hammock techniques with the aim of:

- increasing flexibility, balance, and coordination;

- facilitating deep stretching;

- improving posture;

- developing body strength;

- achieving deeper relaxation.

What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga program for hormonal balance is composed of more than 21 exercises with the focus on the face, neck, and cranial areas resulting in:

· Toning of muscles and decreasing of wrinkled areas - reducing the wrinkles around the mouth, nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, sagging jowls, double chin, eye bags, puffy eyes, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines

· Better facial circulation and blood flow

· Positive impact on the endocrine system and organs

The program is designed to slowly guide you from the simple to more complex exercises. In each session, you will get to know the benefits of the exercise we are going to learn, its connection to the glands and organs, and details that are important for the best possible performance and top results.

With regular practice of this program, you will feel better, have more energy, and look younger.


"After three months of exercise, my pain completely subsided"

For more than three years, I had constant pain in my neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Usual ways of exercising and stretching did not help me, nor did physiotherapy. When, on the recommendation of the masseur, I started exercising and stretching according to Dana's program, I realized how cramped and stiff is my body. We slowly eliminated the stiffness and tightness with exercises and increased the mobility, flexibility, and softness of the body. After three months of exercise, my pain completely subsided. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to Dana for her professionalism, dedication, and patience. Once I gave up and was convinced that the pain was a symptom of fibromyalgia, Dana helped me get my body back. I warmly recommend Dana's programs and individual exercises to everyone!

Irena Kladivar, Founder of VitalWay

"Thank you to the heavens."

It was a real pleasure and honor to meet you. You are an amazing person and you also managed to make us even better. And not to mention the knowledge you passed on. Thank you to the heavens.

Mia Jurasic, University of Arkansas, Alumni

University of Nottingham MSc

"it feels as if I am massaging myself from within""

I like your approach the most: you explain each exercise in the smallest detail - from how it is performed to which muscles are activated by that exercise. If I cannot master the exercise from the first attempt, you do a few preparatory ones with me before, thus the main exercise is no longer a problem.

When performing the exercises, I do not feel the slightest pain, on the contrary "it feels as if I am massaging myself from within". I do not know how to describe it - I feel relief!

The biggest problem is my limitations (artificial hip, neck injury) but in performing the exercises with you I do not feel that I have any limitations. I am thrilled with how many exercises I can perform!!!

Thank You for believing in me!



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